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A new strategy game about exploring worlds, building a strong squad and fighting battles to complete your mission.

About the pre-alpha

This is an early playable version of Rifle Storm. Not all planned features are in the game, and it's missing a lot of polish. But don't get us wrong, the game is largely stable and fun.

By providing you access to the game earlier, we're able to incorporate more feedback and build the community. In-game anonymous analytics also allow us to see how the game is being played and make tweaks accordingly.

Your feedback will allow us to move into Steam Early Access next year with confidence. Thanks.


  • Complete Your Mission: Explore through 7 randomly-generated regions to reach the final mission.
  • Tactical combat: Direct soldiers to snipe for headshots from a far or backstab at close range. Or even hurl tactical grenades.
  • Build the ultimate squad: Select a squad leader, choose your classes, equip your gear and pick your abilities.
  • Procedurally generated: Regions, maps and enemies are all procedurally generated, no play through is ever the same.
  • Random Events: While exploring worlds, encounter events that will have big impacts on your run.
  • Gear Up: While exploring worlds, stores offer new rare items and supplies to help you.


Our plan for the next few months include:

  • Leaderboards to track highscores
  • Polish artwork
  • Improve gameplay balance
  • Add missing sound effects
  • More content: levels, events, items, classes, etc..
  • Hire a composer to create an original soundtrack
  • Implement proper climatic ending
  • Add difficulty settings

Of course our primary source of feedback is you! And priorities will always change. Please submit feedback in game or on our Discord server using Rifle Bot.

We try to push out weekly updates, so keep an eye on this page.

Join our community:

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rifle-storm-windows.zip 47 MB
Version 0.3.1
rifle-storm-windows-32.zip 44 MB
Version 0.3.1
rifle-storm-linux.zip 48 MB
Version 0.3.1
rifle-storm-mac.zip 47 MB
Version 0.3.1

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Good game Ben D'Angelo! this game has good concept and i hope this game get popular also this game need more art,more items,more maps,and less bugs. i think you need squad randomization so its more random or we able to choose the starter squad loadouts but cost money.Good game keep up the good work


You should look into the Modern Tactics series. Ben also made those!

(1 edit)

after i played it for a bit it look like just like this except this one is more beautiful but W.I.P

Thanks Chilly. I'm already working on adding more squads. If there are any bugs please let me know I will fix it.

(2 edits)

I actually remembered i got a bug after my squad died it shows the game over thing and when i play a new squad the screen keep showing the game over thing but it can dealt with easily by just restart the game and it doesn't show it anymore and also you actually need a name randomizer so the soldiers name on my squad can be something else so its not boring. i don't have the screenshot of the bug because i didn't really care

I fixed that bug and a few others. Thanks for telling me. Randomizing the squad names is a good idea, I will do that. Thanks